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Nov 13

Today we discussed how to do recruitments and secrets to it. Frankly, the secrets are very common sense but when we are in the experience we may miss some of the key aspects of connecting with people and assembling them to action or tactics.

I always appreciated the reminder of how to connect with your constituents. As you recruit members you need to be mindful of the actions that you do so that the actions are appropriate to the group and demonstrate power. These actions are tactics in your overall strategic plan. We did an action role play which helped us to apply how to use a strategic plan to a tactic besides to the over all plan. It helped to identify pieces of an action and keep the group focused on the ask (I think the other days’ trainings were also helpful her).

The last session was regarding the building of Coalitions. These groups are made up of organizations – not individuals. Each organization demonstrates what they bring to the table and determine what joint issues they will be working on together. When you are considering a coalition you will assess who to invite and why and what are their benefits to the group and their liabilities. When asking an organization to join it would be important just as with an individual, you must relay why this coalition is in their self-interest.
This has opened my ideas as to what is possible, how to look at other organizations as allies, and how as an educational organization can be the initiator of coalitions. Inspired to connect!


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