Computer Science student, web professional

Nov 12

Today opened with a presentation about economics. It was not the subject but rather the presentation that I was disappointed in. All of yesterday, we were in a u shape for all activities except for simulations. Today we were placed in rows and no input was requested. At the end of the presentation, I questioned the placement of one’s presentation on their take of the economic situation. If we were to be taking this organizing training to address the large issue of how the money is distributed and used in the US, then it would be appropriate conversation. Even then it should be a conversation not a I’m the teacher and you are the to be learned.

I was thankful that we did move into skill building with strategy. They provided a method that will help highly in taking my go-go-go personality type and help me plan so that my ‘go’ will be effective. I found the process of information useful in its delivery and then the simulation with small groups applicable. We were easily able to transfer the newly presented skills and make relatively structured plans with concrete goals.

The evening consisted of building relationships and what those can do in organizing. The relationships may be new but will be based in shared interests. Then we proceeded into how to have one-on-ones. Most it seemed had these types of conversations previously. Some have had training and other had not. It was good to see how some had more natural skills at it and others needed more practice. I look forward to continuing to use one-on-ones just to know people and use for moving forward groups with shared valued and focuses.


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