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Reviatizing a blog

After a hiatus from blogging, I have made a decision to begin again. I have numerous ideas of what to cover which range from kiddo stuff to my career development. I’d love to get some of my thought and activities out. I may have had to dig six feet deep, but I am bringing back to life my blog.

I have taken into consideration that I’d be mixing personal and professional. I don’t typically like to do this as it is easier with clean lines of delineation, but as I grow into myself more I realize all the various parts of life are the ingredients that make me. Although I frequently question my actions, my thoughts, and my motives, this is a balance that shows that I am considerate in my time and space of life.

I’d love to touch on writing a children’s ‘book,’ the arts and crafts we do, and the adventures we take. I often contemplate world events and wonder what other’s thoughts are on them and not just what the news relays. Faith. It is worth its own sentence. I have never met a more complicated aspect of life than what our faith is and what I see faith is for others. What about the path to developing one’s career? I have taken a break from thinking of changing anything when we found out we’d have twins. I am glad we did, but now we’re starting to revv that engine again. I’m excited about the future and where we could go as a family. My husband is very career driven and I am a step-by-step career ladder type.

Go Stanwood Blogging!


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