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Within Eclipse there are a couple of quick key presses that go a long way. For example, Ctrl + Shift + O adds any packages that need to be imported. Ctrl + F11 runs the visible application saving a couple of mouse clicks.

Eclipse requires you run the Android applications in a virtual machine (Android Virtual Device – AVD) to use the emulator.  Android runs Dalvik Virtual Machine.

Android uses the Content Providers to store & retrieve data. It uses the android.provider prackage. When you are going through the data returned, using curser object will only read the data, but by using ContentResolver you can add, modify, delete data.

The Activity class performs the actions. There may be multiple actions, but only runs one at a time. The onCreate() method is what performs initialization and UI setup.

Android uses View object to work with the UI in drawable objects. It works with buttons, images, etc.




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  1. Update 7/8/11: I’ve been transversing through the various tutorials provided by google. I have found this a great way to familiarize myself with the various layouts and widgets. I’ll need to dive deeper into various topics such as security, logging, error handling, and data transmission and storage.
    Update 7/15/11: and are great resources for doing a final check before deploying your application. Here is a resource for logging, which is helpful in error handling:
    A potential resource to deploy your application, you can use the android debug bridge (adb) and directions can be found at I have to do a bit more research on it and if it’ll work for my application.

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