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The evening of May 30th, my instructor passed along an article that Google would not longer be supporting the Google Translate API. After accessing my tranlsation application, the result 0 (zero) was returned instead of the translation. This was a truly sad occurance for me. I was truly excited about my application.

I pushed forward and decided to present on my application anyway during class. In the meantime, I did a bit of searching and found a potential solution through Microsoft’s Translate Array Method. I will doing further testing with this software. If I am successful in implementing a new translation api via Microsoft, I will modify the look-and-feel for a funner environment.

Microsoft TranslateArray Method: I’m off to create a bing id so that I can access the method.


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  1. I ended up going with this mehtod of Microsoft’s translation service:

    After much trial and error, I was found refuse in this site on how to do it:

    I had questions about what the ‘response’ was actually holding and found out you can use the response object to send output to the client. I figured this, but wasn’t exactly clear.

    I also had a question about callback which was being called from the windows object via the url to perform the translation. I never was able to clarify exactly what windows.callback is.

    Lastly, once the translation was taking place, when the variable was passed the URL it was encoded. When I tried to output that text the characters were not represented correctly. I was able to fix this and represent the romanian characters accurately by adding meta data tag which I found at:

    To access the translation application visit,

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