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Web Technologies most requested for job requirements

As it turns out it depends on where you are looking for a job on what type of languages are requested. In the Seattle area, it will be laguages such as Ruby on Rails, Python, or Drupul. For state government in Lacey, the languages of choice are traditionally Microsoft based. I’m not clear why there is a distiction or why state government leans this way. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to talk to someone and find out why.



Google Translate API – Terminated

The evening of May 30th, my instructor passed along an article that Google would not longer be supporting the Google Translate API. After accessing my tranlsation application, the result 0 (zero) was returned instead of the translation. This was a truly sad occurance for me. I was truly excited about my application.

I pushed forward and decided to present on my application anyway during class. In the meantime, I did a bit of searching and found a potential solution through Microsoft’s Translate Array Method. I will doing further testing with this software. If I am successful in implementing a new translation api via Microsoft, I will modify the look-and-feel for a funner environment.

Microsoft TranslateArray Method: I’m off to create a bing id so that I can access the method.

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