Computer Science student, web professional

I have decided to go with Facebook. Considering the time restraint for my class and the scope of my project that I desire to complete (and be successful at).

I was able to implement the Facebook’s Connect Plug-in which has one specifically for the commenting.

Facebook has it so that you are utilizing xml type of coding in order to implement it. This makes it REALLY easy for developers and non-developers, a like, to get a comment thread going on one’s side or page. This doesn’t lend to easy implementation of auto-filling that comment box, or updating it with comment dynamically.

I dug further in to the tunnels of Facebook API and into how other users are tieing in the commenting feature for facebook onto their sites. This is where I tripped about a feed feature from a Facebook method called FB.ui. What a great resource! It was easy to implement and has helped me to start working on combining a user’s input into the posting on Facebook.

American & Romanian Flag
American & Romanian Flag Blended Image

Next I am going to approach doing the double post: one in english (my native language) and one in romanian (my desired posting language). You may take a preview at a very rudamentary version, although it may break and work break and work as I continue to update the code and implement to new features (cross my fingers).

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