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I'm using Google's API for it's translationI thought this was going to be a simple process to get started and would have the hiccups when I start to try to incorporate google api with facebook api. To my surprise, it is starting with Facebook. I feel as if they tell you to you the canvas, but not exactly why. I tend to understand when I understand why. If a reader of this blog is familiar with the canvas and usage of it, please let me know! So far, I understand that I need to develop the application and host it on my own site. Through the iframe on Facebook, it pulls that page and displays the content.

Another question, with Facebook, am I required to have the url under a SSL? I don’t know, there is a space for the secure canvas url, but it doesn’t appear to be required.

I feel frustrated and bit like I’m in the mud at this moment. I hope to update this blog at the end of the week or w/in a week maybe with some answers to my big QuEsTiOnS. 😛


UPDATE: After researching various methods of utilizing facebook api, google api, and phython, I have established a plan of action. I am working with the google api to do a translation on a page ( The next step is I’ll incorporate facebook’s ability to post a status from an external site ( I’ll then try to take this application and incorporate it into Facebook’s canvas. Lastly, I’ll review my implementation and see if I can move it over into python language. Currently, I’ve been working with JavaScript and PHP.


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  1. Your project seems very interesting and with potential. Good luck!

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