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Developing on Android

Image of Android logo dudeI will be working with java on android platform this summer for an internship. I have academia experience in java, but no experience developing for android. What do I do first? Of course, a google search. As it turns out, I forgot that android was developed by Google support. The first suprising thing that I’ve learned is that you can’t run java bytecode on Android. !?WHAT?! I thought Android was on a Linux platform with Java interface. I must dig deeper. The virtual machine Android runs is Dalvik Virtual Machine which has its own bytecode and Java is translated by Android’s tool ‘dx.’ 


I’d like to use eclipse as my development environment, because I’m I’m familiar with this IDE. Google provides the Android Development Tools (ADT) that you install with Eclipse, which converts the java compiled file ‘class’ type to ‘dex’ type.

Interestingly I forgot how heavy grphics are used in Android and read that it supports 2d and 3d graphics from the OpenGL library and uses SQLite for data management. In my project, they highlighted SQL so I’m not sure how the conversion goes from SQLite to SQL. I’ll have to take a peak at this as well. *doink*


I’ll be looking at various resources online. One is, which has babsically provided the majority of the information above. The SDK for Eclipse is available at:  The last resource that I think is vital is that first walk through is how to do your first project in Eclipse. Here is a resource for that:


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  1. One thing about the Android SDK is that it’s not the kind of Java people are used to. The only thing similar is the syntax, the rest requires an entirely different mindset. I did not enjoy writing code for Android when I had to, it was painful. BUT, if you ARE good at it, it’s very easy to find jobs because from what I learned it’s pretty much impossible to find Android developers right now and the demand is high.

    • How interesting! I better take a look at Android java structure then too and not just the development platform. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Looks like this will be a fun experience. I have had a desire for quite some time to develop apps for iPhone, but as others grow I am sure there will be more opportunities to develop apps or programs for mobile devices. Good experience for where the world seems to be headed!

  3. Thanks for all of the useful links. I’ve wanted to develop for Android for quite some time now. There was a class for it last year but I didn’t qualify for it at the time. Hopefully this Summer I’ll have some time to start playing around with it, and I’ll definitely be referring to this post when I do.

  4. Very cool! Congrats on the internship. I would have LOVED to do an android development internship. I am a huge fan of the android operating system (because it’s way more versatile than iOS). I use ADB almost on a daily basis to mess around with my android phone. Changing roms, kernels, splash screens and boot animations quite often. I also did the run through with the android first application walkthrough with eclipse, it was definitely cool, but you’re right about it being way different than writing a swing application in Java for instance.

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