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Learning about Python

I am in a course called, Computer-Mediated Communication at the University of Washington, Tacoma taught by Lecturer Joe McCarthy. This course focuses on the types of interactions considered communication that is done via the computer and specifically via the web. On of the languages that we’ll be taking a close look at and diving into coding with is Python. It can be found at the Python site

Python Logo

Python Logo

Features of Python

The Python website emphasizes the flexibility and easy-to-use of Python. You can find links to download the right version on Python library and interpreter as well as to third-party products that easily implement python into other technologies such as C++ or Java. Python is an object-orientated language so uses the same principles as other site, although it appears to have a very easy to understand language base. It is also boasted be to cross-platform compatible which is not so easy to say for Java or C.

Compile vs. Interpret

In other languages you will find that you created classes that can be inherited, with Python these are modules that can be used across Python applications. The language also doesn’t compile instead it has an interpreter. This is similar to HTML where the browser interprets the language to a graphical representation.

Image of interpreting Python with Eclipse

Python with Eclipse

Comments on: "Learning about Python" (6)

  1. Great article. I did not know much about Python, but reading this gave an overview that I should probably have had before we were supposed to learn how to set it up in class the other day.

    Have you actually coded in Python before or just have familiarity with it?

  2. I have to say that so far I’m into python, it’s similar to PHP. Both are loosely typed languages, so both dynamically change content.

    • I agree! I think it seems straight forward, yet I feel I’m missing how to fully use it in the web platform. Next week should bring some light on that.

  3. Have you had a chance to install Python into Eclipse yet? It was a pain to do and was wondering if I was the only one having difficulty.

    • Yes, I did install it and followed’s instructions. It seemed to be pretty easy. I had trouble trying to figure out what I do and don’t do via command line for the homework, but today it became much more concrete. Now it is a matter of getting that code correct. 🙂

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